Vikas Sawant kisses Sonakshi Sinha!



New Delhi, June 22 -- Vikas Sawant, a popular contestant from Mumbai on TV show India's Dancing Superstar is a Lucky man. The talented dancer who has already won the hearts of Judge Riteish Deshmukh, Geeta Kapur and Ashley Lobo could not stop Sonakshi Sinha from becoming his fan.

Vikas, who has charmed everyone with his entertaining performances, had a similar impact on Sonakshi when she came for the promotion of her upcoming movie Lootera along with Ranveer. The actor was so delighted to see him perform, that she herself went on the stage and shook-a-leg with him.

Vikas also got the rare opportunity to kiss the actor on her cheeks. Sonakshi happily agreed to this request. "It was an awards in itself when Sonakshi came on stage to talk about my performance. I am really lucky and blessed that an actress of such a high level has spoken volumes about mytalent. I am really grateful," Vikas said.