Vidya gets her own theme song!


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 12 -- Even an average film can mint money for producers thanks to a hit song. No wonder a hit song. No wonder then that makers of Vidya Balan starrer, The Dirty Picture, have incorporated a famous Tamil track 'Nakka mukka...' from Kadhalil Vizunthen (2008), composed by Vijay Anthony and sung by Chinna Ponnu, in their film.

The move only makes it more apparent that the film is set against the backdrop of the South Indian film industry. Producers Balaji Motion Pictures acquired the rights of composer Vijay Anthony's composition after director Milan Luthria made the suggestion.

Luthria admits he found that the song was the best fit for their theme track, as it shows the rise and fall of an actress. The role, essayed by Balan, is supposedly based on the life of south siren Silk Smitha. "For the story of a dancer, I wanted a theme song which was very rhythmic and sensual ... This one has a peculiar rhythm that's quite sexy. The song encapsulates her rise." Luthria says.

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