Vidya Balan's wedding plans speed up Ghanchakkar schedule


By Hindustan Times

A source close to Vidya Balan's latest film Ghanchakkar has revealed that the entire schedule of Ghanchakkar was planned according to her wedding plans. In fact her work in Ghanchakkar is being rush-completed in time for her wedding preparations. Says a source, "It seems
Vidya and Mr Kapur had chalked out the wedding plans long in advance. The only film that Vidya is currently shooting for is Ghanchakkar. And since it is produced by UTV it was convenient to co-ordinate her shooting schedule with her wedding date."

In fact, reveals our sources, director Rajkumar Gupta who has to be in his hometown Hazaribagh in Jharkhand for his younger brother's wedding this week would now have to rush back for Vidya's last 3 days of her shooting from December 12, to December 15. After this, we are told, Vidya would take a longish sabbatical before returning to work.

The source reveals that Vidya's work in Ghanchakkar would be done after the final 3-day shooting.

"It was all planned well in advance. The director Rajkumar Gupta who is a very dear friend of Vidya and Emraan Khan whom Vidya gets along with like a house on fire, have fully co-operated in ensuring Vidya completes her work in Ghanchakkar before she takes time off," says our source.

When one spoke to the Ghanchakkar director Rajkumar Gupta, he was thick in the middle of his brother's wedding festivities.

Taking time off from the delightful din, Rajkumar admitted he had to rush back to Mumbai for the final 3 days' shooting. "Yes, we've to shoot from December 12 to December 15. After that I've one week-long schedule in January. But Vidya is not required for that."

When asked if the schedules had to be worked out in-sync with Vidya's wedding plans Rajkumar got understandably evasive. "The schedules were worked out well in advance, so that Vidya's work was completed by the middle of December. Vidya has been with the project all through, giving a hundred percent of herself."