Vidya Balan: 'Women are under a lot of pressure'



New Delhi, June 8 -- In the wake of actor Jiah Khan's suicide last week, which sent shockwaves through the entire film industry, actor Vidya Balan, 35, has expressed her concern over the stress and struggles of being famous.

"There's pressure on women to be a certain way, do certain things. If you are a certain weight, you want to be thinner, or want to gain weight, get surgery or have your assets enhanced. (There's so much criticism that you feel) you don't have the right height or the right smile and so on. There is so much focus on the exterior that people have forgotten that there's a person within," Vidya says.

"We also hear statements like, 'You've got to score so many marks', 'Do such-and-such in life' and 'Reach that level', every day," she adds.

Vidya, who was severely criticised for her fashion sense initially, gradually discovered her personal style sense. "I'm grateful for the realisation I had five years ago. I realised that if I'm happy, everything else will fall in place, that I can never make the world happy."

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