Vidya Balan: Thank you Mr Special!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 24 -- When you fall in love, it should be like Vidya Balan, comments my maid Munni who has had at least two days off work, and that has kept me away from all her whining.

She says that The Dirty Picture's clean heroine couldn't stop being reminded about her connection with Zee TV and Ekta Kapoor at the recent Zee Cine Awards. She was found by the producer for a show called Hum Paanch that ran on the channel.

So, hua yeh that she predictably won the Best Actor Award. When it came to thanking, she recalled her old connection. And then, she spoke of two new connections in her life. She niece for being her lucky mascots. And lastly, she thanked the "special someone" in her life (Siddharth Roy Kapoor) without taking his name. Oooo la la... she's the 1940s ki Bhartiya Naari jo apne unka naam nahi leti...