Vidya Balan: Singing Star!

Vidya Balan.jpg

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- Wassup my coco cupcakes! How goes it this morning? I'm still yawning in my bed, feeling lazy to even lift a finger today. But since I love you all, I have to do that, lift a few fingers and key in some saucy gossip for you.

For starters, I have been told by one of my most trusted khabris, Sher Lock Holmes, that Vidya Balan has turned a singer. Whoa! When did that happen, I ask. He says that it all happened when the actor was shooting night and day in Kolkata for Kahani.

Balan, Sher Lock says, has recorded a rock video with a Bengali band called Chandrabindu. Sher insists that the actor comes across like a rockstar and seems to thoroughly enjoy the music.

The video is now playing on some leading Bengali language channels and Sher Lock says that Vidya looks unlike her usual 'I'm so sari' person.

She has also sung a few lines in between in Bengali with the band. Ever since Sher Lock has heard that, he's simply going gaga over Paa ki Maa and her singing abilities. The next thing I know, after reading this information, there will surely be some channels that will rush to the actor to sign her on for their next big talent-oriented reality show.