Vidya Balan: Not here for charity!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 9 -- Rumours abound that heroines Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor have hiked their fees per film to R 7 crore.

But Vidya, who's enjoying the success of The Dirty Picture (TDP), laughs the news off, saying, "Wow! I would love that. But honestly, I have not even had script sessions with directors or producers after the film released. How could I graduate to talking about the money?"

She adds, "I am looking forward to see what kind of scripts come my way. But if that's (R 7 crore) what people think I deserve, I am more than happy."

After playing brazen Silk Smitha in The Dirty Picture, it's safe to say Vidya's on-screen confidence has rubbed off. The actor admits she is "business-minded," saying, "As much as I give my heart to it, acting is a profession for me. I am not here for charity, so I definitely command a good price."

Though, she's quick to clarify, "I have not asked for R 7 crore. For now, I am grateful for the kind of roles I have and the chance to work with directors who bring out the best in me." It's known that all top male actors have a profit sharing agreement with producers, besides being paid a fee for their films. Until now, no female actor has enjoyed this luxurious arrangement. But Vidya's confident the status quo is set to change, saying, "It's about time a share in the profit of films become a reality for female actors too."

In response, producer Ekta Kapoor says, "If the heroines are talented, bankable and bring the audience in, then they have a right to the profits too."