Vidya Balan : Back in action!

Vidya Balan.jpg

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 4 -- Now, who's this disturbing me while I'm chatting with you guys. Turns out to be my Bandra reporter who's insisting that I give him a minute right away. Hmm, he says that Vidya Balan, best known as the goodwill ambassador of saris, the national dress for Bhartiya naaris, has become the first woman to be featured in a sari on a popular lifestyle magazine's cover.

So? Reporter insists that the magazine in question doesn't feature women too often, and in its entire run, has never featured a woman in a sari. It seems that Balan has worn an artistic six-yard and has posed backless for the mag's anniversary cover. I think ladies just need to get up and take note of this sexy old-new avatar of hers, right now!