Vidya Balan and Rakhi Sawant hit it off and how

Mumbai, July 6 (IANS) Actress Vidya Balan was invited to Rakhi Sawant's new talk show and the two ended up becoming good friends. And now Vidya can't stop praising the item girl.

"I really like Rakhi for the way she has made a place for herself. No one else is quite like her. She has marketed herself as an extremely unique entity. I think it's truly admirable," Vidya told IANS.

Doing a chat show with Rakhi was something Vidya hadn't even thought of, "but when she invited me I didn't hesitate for a moment", the "Parineeta" actress said.

And the fact that Aamir Khan also turned up to be part of Rakhi's show was a bonus Vidya hadn't anticipated.

"Rakhi recorded with me and Aamir. I finished my episode with her and then Aamir came in. I think he wi