Varun, Bipasha's healthy bonding!



Mumbai, July 11 -- Fitness is a subject Bollywood stars bond over in a big way. And it looks like things are 'working out' well between Varun Dhawan and Bipasha Basu. Sources inform us that, for the past few days, the two have been exercising together in Ooty while shooting for their respective ventures, Main Tera Hero, directed by Varun's father David Dhawan, and Vikram Bhatt's Creature 3D.

"Both of them are health freaks, so Varun and Bipasha zeroed in on a local gym as soon as they reached the hill station. And since their shoots were going on simultaneously, they decided to work out together. In fact, Bipasha (who has come out with multiple fitness DVDs) also taught Varun some new exercising techniques. He was happy to try them out under her guidance," says an insider close to the duo.

Interestingly, Bipasha and Varun also shared their fitness equipment with the local establishment. "Since the local gym wasn't as well equipped as the facilities that they are used to, they were carrying their personal equipment. So ultimately, they ended up sharing each other's machines. They also exchanged notes on fitness, healthy food and workouts," adds the insider.

"No one else would be allowed to work out in the gym when the two actors were using it. Since Varun has always been a fan of Bipasha's fitness, there was a lot of mutual admiration between them," says the source, adding that Varun's shoot will soon be moving to Bengaluru.

Despite repeated attempts, Varun and Bipasha couldn't be reached for a comment.