UTV and Virgin comics to release a comic book on Mithun Chakraborty


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

After tickling the funny bone of his fans with his latest flick Don Muthuswami, Mithun's magic will be back in the form of a comic book titled Jimmy Zhinchak -Agent of Disco based on his famous character 'Jimmy' from the film Disco Dancer. UTV Spot Boy in collaboration with Virgin comics will be soon releasing the comic book, which has already hit in the US, in India.

Confirming the news with Bollywood Hungama, COO of UTV Spotboy, Vikas Bahl informs, "Basically, the idea of releasing a comic book based on a famous Bollywood character came up after having a look at the current scenario of comic books which are targeting small kids or have sci-fi theme. So, we thought of something out of the box and came out with the book that features the character Jimmy who plays a fighter on the disco floor."

He goes on to add, "Mithun sir fits the bill perfectly as his character Jimmy has been popular since two decades now. The story revolves around him and many famous characters like Sir John of Ram Lakhan fame etc. with whom he is fighting on the dance floor and they all are working for an Agent called 'Disco'."

"On the whole, the comic book will showcase all the famous dialogues of Bollywood movies put together and Mithun sir is in the lead role," Vikas Bahl signs off.