The Unforgettable Tour Diary: Day 6 - Time for some 'dhak dhak' to kick start!


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

-It was BIG so far, it is bound to be BIGGER from here on. 'Dhak Dhak' Queen Madhuri Dixit has joined the show and stakes have gone further up from here. There would be seven shows in USA over next few days and as is pretty much expected by now (looking at the response in Toronto and Trinidad), they are all already sold out. And yes, Madhuri would be featuring in each of these shows.

- Talking about Madhuri, the young ones on the show are already smitten by her charm and grace. That she is gorgeous is hardly a secret but her friendly and cool persona has impressed everyone out there. No wonder, Abhishek, Riteish, Vishal, and Shekhar can't help being mighty impressed by her demeanor.

- Further publicity for the tour is on in full swing in LA. There was almost a daylong press conference held in the city and to everyone's mighty surprise, apart from (obvious) arrival of Indian media, there were also dozens of US based media people present for covering the event. Believe it or not but in there were channel representatives from Afghanistan as well as Persia. Yes, there were Indians galore as well (quite a few belonging to 'Desi' channels and web portals) but what was heartening was to see Fox channel running a special on Unforgettable as well. Videos from the press conference and the tour were beamed by an hour on the channel with international repute! No wonder, LA is rightly termed, as an international center of entertainment

- While there is quite some 'khushi' in the Unforgettable camp, there is a hint of 'gham' as well! Amitabh Bachchan is ill and has been down with flu. It is widely suspected that Shekhar is the reason behind that! Reason? He caught flu the moment he landed in Toronto and while he has more or less recovered, seemingly it has been passed on to Big B! Last one heard, everyone is laughing around and keeping a distance from the composer!!!

- Flu means that Amitabh Bachchan has been out of circulation for two days now. So while all the youngsters are having fun and attending press conferences and cracking jokes and roaming around, the Senior B is keeping all precautions to be in his best shape before the mega event on the night of 26th July. Being grounded by Mrs. Jaya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan, Big B has his laptop for company and is keeping himself busy blogging with his fans and followers around the globe!

- Meanwhile, if Madhuri Dixit has made nostalgia come alive all over again for her US fans, Aishwarya Rai is turning out to be the perfect representation of the Indian film industry. She is enjoying a pleasant double role here. While for a wide section she is representing India, for quite a few Americans she is being treated as 'one of them' due to her presence in International cinema for last so many years. She is being queried about the release of the latest installment of 'The Pink Panther' and other impending Hollywood projects. However, not to be carried away and respecting the troupe she is a part of; Ash is sending out clear vibes that she is an Indian at heart and well demonstrated her priorities.

- Going by the true spirit of 'chilling out', everyone went for the screening of 'The Dark Knight'. While Abhishek, Aishwarya and Riteish couldn't resist having a dekko at the film within a day of their landing at LA, Vishal and Shekhar went a day later! Once again, appreciation for the special effects and action in the film came for all around appreciation.

- A lot happened in terms of Bollywood meeting Hollywood over the week gone by. While the team of 'Kambakth Ishq' can't top going gaga over Sylvester Stallone, the team of Unforgettable too had an encounter, which would be unforgettable for them in years to come. They came across face to face with Kevin Costner in the hotel where they all are staying. Costner was in town for the premier of his latest movie 'Swing Vote' and met everyone individually. He has been invited for the show and it has to be seen if he too gets bitten by the Bollywood big!

- Those who visited Universal Studios to witness the shooting of 'Kambakth Ishq' were in for some surreal moments awaiting them. It was quite an experience to see Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and the likes to be shooting on the sets of a Hollywood studio, something that is unprecedented. There were countless onlookers at the shoot was in progress. Later in the evening, Sabeer Khan (director of 'Kambakth Ishq') celebrated his birthday by taking Vishal, Shekhar, and Anvita (dialogue and lyrics writer of the film) for a private gathering in a Japanese gathering. Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Aftab Shivdasani, and the film's crew joined them as well. All of them have been extended an invitation for the show now!

- On the personal front, even Vishal and Shekhar were in for some surreal moments as they got to spend some quality time with Madhuri Dixit all by themselves. The two were strolling around in a mall where they happened to see Madhuri as well. She, along with her husband, looked like a little lost in finding directions in the mall and was looking for a mall. This is when the composer duo came for her rescue (!) and bailed her out. Smiling ever since then, they haven't stopped gushing and blushing! Jokes apart, one facet of hers which has been managed to impress them both is her pleasant and chilled out nature. Not carrying any airs or starry tantrums around her, Madhuri stayed on to be humble-as-ever in her conversations!

- Talking more about Madhuri, highlight of the evening of July 26 is going to be, what else, but the coming together of the Queen and Ash for the 'Dola Dola' number. Envisaged to be executed at a grand scale, everyone is looking out with a bated breath for this one performance. Looking at the response in Trinidad where maximum applause came for anything and everything which was pure Indian in nature and presentation, it won't be surprising if this Ismail Darbar composition goes to win accolades all over again.

Stay tuned!