Udita's Kashmir visit!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Aug. 19 -- Actor Udita Goswami was recently in the Capital to celebrate the arrival of the new member in her family - her brother's newborn. However, that was not the end of her tour as the actor headed straight to Kashmir from Delhi for a performance.

It was Udita's first ever visit to Kashmir, and she loved it so much that now the actor wants to take her family along to see the 'Heaven on earth'. In fact she admits that she had accepted the offer only because it was an opportunity to visit Kashmir. She confirms, "I went to Kashmir for the first time ever. I visited Dal Lake and Shankracharya temple. It was amazing to see this beautiful place with my own eyes, and the place was so serene that I could actually feel peace within. I recommend a Kashmir visit to everyone for having the sight of heaven."

Udita will next be seen in the film, Diary of a butterfly.