Udita takes a chill pill!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 4 -- Mottu just can't not butt into a conversation. She's urging, almost begging me to hear an item on Anuuj Saxena and Udita Goswami, who were recently in the capital to inaugurate the country's first 5D cinema hall.

After that, the two moved to the Ice Bar, located in the same building, I'm told. Though she can see that I'm not interested, Mots goes on to tell me that Udita in a tiny white dress caught everyone's attention.

While Saxena and Udita love sardi ka mausam, they couldn't stand the chill in the bar. Not surprisingly, she asked for a black coat... But that couldn't help her either. Ask me if I care. But who's to shut Mottu's mouth? After all, such is life dearies!