Two Eeshas in Shabri 2


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 6 -- Shabri 2 will have not one but two Eesha Koppikhars. Lalit Marathe, the film's writerdirector who's in the process of locking up the script for the sequel, wants to get rolling at the earliest, says the film will take off from where Part 1 left off.

"Shabri was about a woman striving for power. The sequel will be about what she does with this power and what it does to her," says Lalit. So, while the focus will continue to be on Shabri actor Eesha Koppikhar at her deglamorised best, it will also have another woman, this one an ultra glam Isha, whose path crosses that of the underworld don and changes her life. "Isha is an extremely glamorous woman in real life and it was painful to scale down her looks. So in this film, we'll showcase that side too. The lookalike will add an interesting twist to the story."

Lalit also admits that some other new characters are expected to make an appearance in the story. He is also contemplating a change in the location. "Shabri was shot all over Mumbai and exposed its underbelly. For the sequel, we will explore a new space, a combination of locations in India and abroad, that will add to the mystique and the visual treat," he explains.

Shabri was delayed by almost five years and this Isha believes impacted its box-office performance. That's the reason she wants to produce the sequel. Lalit surprisingly doesn't hold against the original producer, Ram Gopal Varma, and doesn't even mind him collaborating with Isha on the project. "RGV is the guy who started it all."