Twitter trolls anger Shah Rukh Khan!

By Hindustan Times

Being on social media can be tricky. While celebrities do get to connect to their fans in a more personal way than before, it also entails to facing wrath from those who dislike your work. While most of Bollywood stars use Twitter as a platform to promote their films, some are more active and
interact with their fans on a regular basis.

Amongst the Khans- Shah Rukh has been the most active on Twitter and has often interacted with his fans. Salman, off late has come out and spoken on pertinent issues (like the Vishwaroopam controversy) and Aamir usually has been seen using Twitter only during his film's release. But recent developments somehow indicate that both Aamir and Shah Rukh have quit Twitter or at least taken a break.

After his controversial interview in Outlook magazine came out, Shah Rukh Khan faced criticism from