Tweeple love Ferrari ki Sawari!


By Hindustan Times

Although Ferrari ki Sawari has received a lukewarm response from critics, the audience seems to have really warmed upto the film. The Sharman-Boman starrer has gained popularity among the viewers and is rocking the Twitter world!

Here is what people are saying about it:

Ronit Roy @RonitBoseRoy
Just watched "Ferrari ki Sawaari" Astounding performances [email protected] @bomanirani n ritwik. Well supported by the rest of the cast!!

Bollywood Hungama @Bollyhungama
Ferrari Ki Sawaari movie review. Rating: 3.5/5. A noble film, a film that has its heart in the right place. The audience have been sharing their excitement about the movie from the movie hall itself!

Rahul Desai @ReelReptile
Midway through Ferrari Ki Sawaari. Absolutely loving it, as is the packed hall with me.

Nandita Bayan @bnandita
Ferrari ki Sawaari - must watch, simple yet heart-touching story. Awesome feel good movie, entertaining and utterly moving. Recommended!

Ankit Kothari @Kothari_Ankit
Ferrari ki Sawaari at Cinemax, Andheri. First half looked promising. All the three generation actors commendable! Filmfare called the movie a little slow, especially in the second half.

Filmfare @filmfare
Review - Ferrari Ki Sawaari - Take: Bittersweet film, takes too much time arriving to its conclusion

Siddhu ki mamma @ItemMom
Ferrari ki sawaari - a good movie, but stretched they cud have finished it in under two hrs...

Mihir Fadnavis @mihirfadnavis
'Ferrari ki Sawaari' has a few nice small moments, and 2-3 funny lines. Wayyy too long though. Best enjoyed on TV/DVD on a lazy Sunday. But overall, the movie has touched the hearts of the viewers and that is what the film0makers aimed for!

Aloke Vohra @alokvohr3

Ferrari ki Sawaari - 45 mins goneby & already a hit ! Before this hd forgotten wat good muvees luk like ..

Tanaisha @tanaishaa
Movie Review: Ferrari ki Sawaari is more than a feel-good ride

Kavya Christopher @kavya_c_
Ferrari ki Sawaari... Not a bad ride at all.

Demon Brotherz @DemonBrotherz
ferrari ki sawaari is a well made movie. complete fun. hats off Mr vvc. but petrol is expensive.kaash ferrari paani se chalta!

Birabrata Dutta @VeerDC
If you haven'n seen a good movie for a while.. Go watch "Ferrari kiSawaari".. It will win your heart!!

People who have been watching the movie are recommending it to others. Only time will tell if the movie will set the bollywood cash registers ringing, but it has definitely matched up to the audience’s expectations.