TV reality show can promote Indian dances: Hema Malini


Dubai, Aug 14 (IANS) A television reality show can go a long way in promoting Indian classical dances, especially among the youth, says Bollywood actor and noted Bharat Natyam artiste Hema Malini.

"A TV reality show based purely on Indian classical dances would, I believe, go a long way in promoting these dance forms," Hema Malini said at a media interaction here.

The artiste is here with her daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol, at the invitation of the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC), Dubai, to present a classical dance recital to mark India's 62nd Independence Day Friday.

According to her, aspiring dancers from various parts of India can take part in the TV reality show.

"You can have young dancers from (India's) west, north, south, east competing in such a show. This will definitely go a long way in popularising Indian classical dances among the new generation," she said.

"I have been talking to some TV channels about this. Let's see what happens," she added.

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