Television actor Shashank Vyas says he's single and loving it!
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In her 13-year career, Mona Singh acted in five serials. Today, she is one of the more popular faces on the small screen.
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From participating in a singing reality show to becoming one the judges in a similar show, singer Neeti Mohan feels blessed to have gotten the right kind of encouragement in her life and feels complete as an artist.
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Anas Rashid is in a happy space. He is thrilled to be part of a successful show, which has been running for the past five years, and has crossed 1,400 episodes.
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On Father's Day, TV actors talk about their most fun and adventurous moments.
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Actor Rithvik Dhanjani, who is dating actor Asha Negi says that although the couple would like to wait for a few years before they even think of getting hitched, his parents are very keen they get married soon.
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Mahima Makwana is just 17, but that doesn't stop her from playing roles of women who are much older.
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Although television shows are known to go on for years, many have ended within a few months lately.
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His on-screen portrayal of Lord Shiva earned him a huge fan following. In fact, after watching Mohit Raina on the show, Priyanka Chopra's aunt "wanted the actor to marry him.
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Iqbal Khan isn't one to mince words. Clear about his terms and agendas in life, this TV star is nonchalant about things he doesn't give a damn about.
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