News and celebrities are synonymous with each other. And every year, some people are talked about more than others.
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Ragini Khanna has been on a hiatus from daily soaps. The actor, who was last seen on TV hosting the reality show, Dil Hai Chota Sa Choti Si Asha in 2014, has been busy with her movie projects.
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She might be a popular television figure now, but to many, actor Saumya Tandon is still known as Roop from the film Jab We Met (2007).
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On Saturday, Sachin Tendulkar shared three screenshots of his TV screen with his Facebook followers..
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Actor Deepika Singh is best known for her role as Sandhya in TV soap Diya Aur Baati Hum.
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Actor Mansi Srivastava who rose to fame with her role as Heer in the popular TV show Rab se Sona Ishq, is busy these days.
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Karan Patel is a self-proclaimed Shah Rukh Khan fan. The popular actor is called 'TV's SRK' by his fans and he couldn't be happier with the title.
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The sudden Rs 500 and Rs 1000 demonetisation has left the country in a flux, including the television industry.
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Television actor Reena Kapoor says TV content has not developed in the last few years and has only regressed further.
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Karishma Tanna has had a hectic year. After participating in a reality TV show last year, she took up judging and mentoring on another reality show with her then boyfriend, Upen Patel.
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