Upen was like-minded company: Sukirti Kandpal


Mumbai, Oct. 7 -- Television actor Sukirti Kandpal is the latest contestant to be evicted from a reality show on the small screen. She tells us about bonding with fellow inmate Upen Patel, her equation with host Salman Khan, and more.

While exiting the show, many contestants say they are happy to return to their normal lives. Are you glad to be out so early?

There are two ways of looking at it. I am glad that I have come out without being affected by any controversy. Sometimes, controversies get frustrating. But I was happy inside the house and there was no frustration, so I wanted to spend more time inside.

Reportedly, Upen Patel and you were seen flirting inside the house.

Upen and I bonded well and there is no doubt about it. But, I must say that whoever knows anything about romance should know that it doesn't happen in two weeks. Yes, people can start liking each other. So, yes, he was like-minded company.

In any way, was the link-up a strategy to get attention?

I have been linked with my friends even before. I have been working since I was 19, and I do whatever I feel like. I don't bother with what people say about me.

Do you think your stint on the show will help you get Bollywood offers?

I believe that in terms of the visibility the show gives to the contestants, it is quite possible to get Bollywood projects. A lot of people from different sectors - and I am sure a lot of Bollywood filmmakers too - follow it. I am hoping that I come across some interesting film offers.

Salman is known for giving breaks to many in Bollywood, and thus there is a perception that no one wants to offend him on the show.

Obviously, whoever goes on the show does not want to spoil their equation with Salman, and that's fair because he is phenomenal and a genuine person. I respect him, but I was not scared of him. He told me that he liked me inside the house. But the thought that he will give me a break hasn't crossed my mind.