TV actresses speak up on being a woman!


Mumbai, March 8 -- Late Hollywood actor Whitney Houston once said, "I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants." 
Whitney's words echoed an important truth that can never fade: there can be no doubt about women's capabilities, their strength, and their ability to multi-task. With women across the world standing up and raising their voices against discrimination, this International Women's Day, we talk to television celebrities about the changing definition of women in today's society. 
Women today are more confident, more vocal and more liberal than ever before. They are independent and carefree and have equal rights in society. It entirely depends on the woman's thoughts and how she decides to perceive it. I have always been given the independence to do what I feel and care about. I respect my parents for nurturing my thoughts that way. Women are strong, independent and confident. They are the very reason for our existence, as they bring us to life. Is that not the most amazing thing to feel good about? 
The modern woman is a multi-tasker. She isn't restricted to roles that were defined for women earlier. In fact, women are doing much better professionally and have made huge progress in all fields. Women also manage their homes alongside their jobs, and I am one of them too. My parents are senior citizens and I look after them while juggling work. We don't have the option to choose, as we have to fulfil certain responsibilities at home. Unfortunately, some things can't be managed without women, I think. No man can provide the kind of care a woman can. 
In today's time, as women, our actions and thoughts are more expressive than they were before. However, society has only evolved partially, so women's thoughts and actions are still not widely accepted. We have a long way to go. Many might be unaware, but the almighty has blessed women with a lot of strength. It's just about discovering that strength. The biggest challenge I see today is that when women are treated as being equal to men, it is considered to be a privilege, when it should actually be a birthright. When a woman realises the strength she is born with, she is nothing but an invincible soul. 
The definition of womanhood has been changing rapidly. Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. I feel that there shouldn't be any competition between men and women. I feel women are the real architects of our society, as they nurture their families and culture. 
Today's a woman's individuality has become more pronounced, especially with the campaign like 'Me Too'. How the world looks at women has changed, with topics such as equal pay and inclusion being talked about across the globe. It has been an awakening and Hollywood has led the way. I hope we will see many changes in the Indian entertainment industry as well. Women today are speaking up for their rights and are not shying away, which is a huge step.