TV Actors root for Team India!


Mumbai, March 1 -- Indian cricket fans are elated that our team is doing well in the ongoing Cricket World Cup so far. As India continues with its good showing, some of our super-busy TV actors tell us about their expectations from Team India.

Over a fun chat, they also share their memories of the World Cup victory in 2011, and not surprisingly, most believe that India may pick up the cup this time, too.


On the day of the World Cup final in 2011, I was shooting for a film in Macau, China. So, I decided to watch the match online. If we talk about India's chances in the current World Cup, anything can happen. Let's s be optimistic and hope for the best.


After India won the 2011 World Cup, I was dancing on the road with the Indian flag in my hands. The victory turned into a national festival all of a sudden. I think India has a great chance of winning this year, too, as the team looks pretty strong. The victory over Pakistan was overwhelming and motivating.


I was in Delhi when we won the World Cup in 2011. People were dancing on the roads. For once, we were truly united in our happiness. Like every Indian, I would like to believe that we have a strong chance of lifting the cup again this time.


What made the 2011 victory doubly sweet was that Sachin Tendulkar could experience a World Cup conquestest before he retired. As for this is time, we are not giving it back. We will win this year r too.


I remember watching the last World Cup final with my mom. After India won, we did the victory dance and played drums on the streets of Mumbai. I feel India has a great chance of repeating the 2011 victory. It's just a matter of luck and a persistent effort to win.


When India won the World Cup in 2011, I was shooting my last scene of the day for my TV soap. I heard that Mahendra Singh Dhoni had hit a six, which helped India win the cup. I was thrilled and saw the highlights after coming home. This year, there is a good chance of India lifting the cup again. The team is enthusiastic, and so are the fans.


When India won in 2011, for a few seconds, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And then, all hell broke loose and I danced like a man possessed, with my friends. This year, the competition is tough for India, but there is no reason why one can't hope for the best.