TV Actors: My daddy strongest!


New Delhi, June 19 -- On Father's Day, TV actors talk about their most fun and adventurous moments.


On our first trip together to Goa my dad and I encountered something very funny. We were discovering places and one of the beaches that we turned up at was a nude beach and we ran out instantly. We still laugh about it.


Whenever I would go out with a girl, my father would give me his credit card and it was our big secret. He never wanted me to fall short of cash, especially when I am out with a girl. That is something that I can never forget about him.


My father tried to teach me how to cook and we ended up burning the bhindi. That day my best friend was home for dinner and my father served bhindi from a restaurant, saying I cooked it. When my friend asked for the recipe, my father cooked up a recipe too.


Once, when my father was teaching me driving, I banged the car. My father covered up at home and said that it wasn't my fault. He always taught me to have fun in whatever I do, even if it was a mistake like this.


I take my son swimming and make sure to keep him on my shoulders all the time. We love our time in the pool and I try to take out as much time as I can. My son is like my buddy. The kid in me is alive, thanks to him.


Indoor play areas and swimming pools are our favourite hang-out spots. Indoor play areas are best during the day and there is nothing like a nice swim in the evening. My evenings are always booked for my son.


I take my daughter to watch children's movies. My wife (actor Barha Bisht) gets more time with her, but I make sure to spend time with her. I hope, in the future, she will make cards for me on Father's Day.