TV actors in festive fervour!


Mumbai, Oct. 21 -- Most Indian festivals are all about spending time with your family, and Durga Puja is no exception.

During this festive period, several TV actors, too, make time from their busy schedules to join in the celebrations.

Here, some of them share with us their most cherished memories of the festival, and their plans this year.


I have grown up in Jamshedpur (state), and have very fond memories of dressing up and going for the puja every year. Wearing a sari is a good change. I love visiting pandals, and taking blessings from Ma Durga. I also love eating Bengali sweets like Rasgulla and Sandesh. The best part about the festival is that the entire community comes together. Even, non-Bengalis take an active interest in Durga Puja. I visit my Bengali friends, and also make sure that I am part of the festivities at home since my mother is very particular about that.


I am not a ritualistic person, but the festive ambience and Bengali culture is very exciting. These three-four days go by so quickly. I look forward to having the traditional Bhog Khichdi every year. Meeting my friends, and watching single girls check out single boys are some of the other fun aspects of this festival. Every year, there's a different element to the Puja, and that's what makes it most memorable for me.


I have always celebrated Durga Puja in Mumbai, and as a kid, I went pandal-hopping, and relished the delicacies, especially those Mughlai Parathas at Shivaji Park. I also enjoyed participating in cultural programmes, and danced to Rabindra Sangeet. But I don't frequent pandals as much anymore. Nowadays, I feel the charm of Durga Puja is lost. It has become commercial now. We do the puja at home instea


I remember Ronit (his elder brother), a few friends of mine and I would squeeze into one car, and go pandal-hopping in Ahmedabad all day. We used to eat a variety of Bengali foods like luchi and mutton, and watch performances in the evening. This would be our schedule for four to five days straight. I am looking forward to the Bhog this year. Last year, my daughter, Kiara, was part of the Kumari Puja (a puja where a young girl is dressed as Ma Durga, and everyone takes her blessing). That is my fondest memory of Durga Puja so far.


My entire family comes together for Durga Puja, which makes it most special for me. This year, I am in Kolkata after almost two years, so I plan to make the most of it. This festival not only holds a lot of significance in my life, but I also have a lot of memories of visiting pandals. I have celebrated the festival in Mumbai too, but nothing beats celebrating it in Kolkata.


As a child, I would enjoy wearing a sari, and doing the traditional aarti. I also used to go pandal-hopping with my family in my hometown, Cooch Behar, West Bengal. The entire town would be beautifully lit up, there used to be hundreds of pandals, and the atmosphere was very festive. That's why, every year, I make sure that I go home to celebrate Durga Puja with my friends and family. However, this year, I will be celebrating it in Mumbai, and my family will join me here, as my busy schedule has left me with no time to travel.