Suchitra Pillai: 'I am not limiting myself to TV'

Mumbai, Feb. 10 -- With the way she glides between her theatre and singing careers, one can say multi-tasking is Suchitra Pillai's forte. After having done several TV shows in the past, like Hip Hip Hurray and Margarita, among others, Suchitra is now back on TV after a long hiatus. Recently, she did a small role in Anil Kapoor's 24.

Soon, she will be seen playing a manipulative mother-in-law in Beintehaa. In this interview, the veteran thespian talks about things that have been keeping her occupied all this while and why she isn't seen in films.

I think I've been typecast. I ask directors why they choose me for vampish roles. However, it's interesting to play a part which is nothing like my true self. What I like about Suraiya is that hers is not an out-and-out black character. There is a lot of scope for me to play around with the role since she is a different person with everyone - her husband, kids and daughter-in-law Aliya. Since I have a six-year-old daughter and time is a constraint, I was anxious before taking up the show. Also there were other commitments like theatre, which I didn't want to compromise on either. But things have fit in very well. I am not limiting myself to TV. I did a lot of TV in the '90s, and theatre has been an integral part of my life. I have been associated with the play Dance Like A Man for 16 years now. It gives me a sense of job satisfaction. Singing is my passion and along with my band, I also perform live. Our first album, Such Is Life, was released two years ago and right now I am working on my second record. I have been pulling my hair out thinking why. I think there are several camps within the industry and they cast people only from their own camps. It may also be because of my lack of networking as I am bad at meeting and asking people to give me work. Zoya and Farhan Akhtar are the only two people I have asked for work as I enjoyed Dil Chahta Hai, and they are my friends. Yes, it doesn't pay. That's why I have been venturing into other things like radio and films. I compere a lot too. Acting is an insecure job regardless of whether it is films or otherwise. In theatre, you may get a lot of work, but it doesn't pay well. Having said that, I would never give up theatre.