Ssharad Malhotraa chooses work over health!


New Delhi, Sept. 17 -- TV actor Ssharad Malhotraa, who's currently shooting for a mythological show, isn't taking a break from work despite illness.

Ssharad has been running fever for a few days now, but is shooting nevertheless. A doctor on the sets helps him with his medicines and also gives him regular injections for speedy recovery.

"I have been having 102 degree F fever but I have to continue the shoot, as it (the show) is a daily soap. I am on antibiotics and pain killers, and a doctor on the sets takes care of me. Viral is in the air with change of weather but as they say, the show must go on," says the actor.

Talking about his busy schedule, Ssharad says that he has no time for anything but work. "I have very few people in my life. I work for a daily soap and the shoot is grilling. I go to the sets and by the time I'm done, I am very tired and all I do is sleep after that. I don't even get time to catch up on films these days. I'm doing a historical show, which requires a lot from me physically and emotionally," he says.