Ssharad Malhotraa is afraid of marriage!


New Delhi, Oct. 5 -- TV actors Ssharad Malhotraa and Pooja Bisht have been in a steady relationship for almost a year now. 
While Ssharad is more than willing to take their relationship to the next level but he admits that he hasn't yet thought about getting married in the near future.
"I [also] want to see myself settling down but I don't know when that is going to happen. The word 'marriage' gives me jitters and sends a shiver down my spine. I'm not commitment phobic but marriage is a big responsibility and I am still preparing myself for the day when I can finally be ready to get married," says Ssharad.
Before finding love in Pooja, Ssharad was in a seven-year long relationship with actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya.
Talking about the compatibility quotient and the bond that he shares with Pooja, the actor adds, "We both are trying to figure out one another, and I guess once that is done, we will decide to settle down."
Ssharad, who has been a part of several TV shows, has his own definition of love. "Love for me is life. If love is present in your life, you become a happier person."