SRK stumps Yuvi..


New Delhi, March 9 -- Actor Shah Rukh Khan recently took the liberty of teasing cricketer Yuvraj Singh, when the latter came on his show, India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun? In a fun chat, Shah Rukh - a T20 cricket team owner himself - threatened to spill the beans about Yuvi's much-talked-about linkups.

A source from the sets reveals that SRK teased the 33-year-old, saying, "This is for his mother. I'd like to tell her a few things. 'Do you remember that one time you had asked why Yuvraj hadn't come in by 11pm? This was because of a girl...should I reveal that name too?'"

Poor Yuvi was seen shaking his head helplessly. "You won't let my marriage happen," said Yuvi blushing, to which Shah Rukh apparently replied, "You don't want your own marriage to happen. I'm not the one to be holding you up, man!"