SRK to make a television comeback?

By Neharika, News Network

Shah Rukh Khan is a renowned Bollywood star, but he started his acting career from television.

He was first seen in a 1998 TV series ‘Fauji’, where he played a character named Lt. Abhimanyu Rai. The latest update about this 51-year-old star is that he might soon appear on the small screen again.

Reports are rife that SRK will be back on television, not for a reality show or game show, but to host a TV version of a famous motivating video series that people have loved all round the globe. Khan divulged, “It’s a televised version of TEDTalks. I have been made to understand that it’s something that has not been done before and they want to try out this concept.”

King Khan explained what the show will be about and the kind of audience it is willing to target. He said, “People will share stories about changes in society, in life — whether it’s about the climate, dangerous diseases or to help empower women — and all of this will be integrated. There are some beautiful stories — both Indian and international — which the team is planning to get on one platform and do a nice mix of Hindi and English speakers. I feel it will be a niche show.”

Furthermore, the sources were informed that the Raees star has already shot one of the episodes of the forthcoming TV series.

Shah said, “We shot one episode and we are still doing a lot of focus screening because it’s something that should be done with love. All the people from TED are keen that I do it. So let’s see if we are able to pull it off. We will decide again after we check out one episode. It should play out well on television. It should not take away from the integrity of the series. And it should not take away from entertaining a little more on TV because it can be a serious platform.”

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