Sonali Bendre: Daily TV shows are for single people..


New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- Actor Sonali Bendre, who's debut television show is about to end, admits that acting on the tube is a tough task. Right from the long schedules to shooting daily, there are many things about fiction shows on television that didn't go down well with the actor.

"I want a break from the long hours now. I have a child to take care of back home. I feel that daily TV is for single people," she says adding, "While I love what I do professionally, my child also needs me. I knew this was a finite show and that was why I took it up."

However, contrary to reports about Sonali not liking her role in the show, the actor says that she loved the project. "I am very happy with how the show has turned out. The subject was very interesting and I completely believed in it. These reports about me not liking my role are all false," she says.

While Sonali loves being an actor, she does not want to pressure her ten-year-old son Ranveer to take up the same profession. "I feel that he is too young to decide as of now. However, it is completely upto him to decide what he wants to do. Only then will he be able to enjoy his work and not look at it like a job," she says.

Currently, the 40-year-old is busy reading scripts and will soon take up something new. "I have taken a small break and there are lots of scripts that I am going to read. I have opened up to listening to narrations which I feel is a big step for me. Hopefully, I will like something," she says.