Singer Robin Thicke to appear on Tara Sharma's TV show?


Bollywood actor-turned-TV host Tara Sharma has indulged in tête-à-têtes with popular names such as John Abraham and Virat Kohli on her series, The Tara Sharma Show. The next big name to be featured might just be Canadian/American singer-songwriter Robin Thicke.

Tara met the popular artiste at the Los Angeles (LA) airport, USA, in June. She shot a selfie video with him, which she posted on her YouTube channel. Tara says, “I bumped into him at the airport lounge, and we got chatting. It was lovely meeting him.”

Tara adds that she asked him to come on her show. She also connected with his manager for that purpose. “It was Robin who connected me with his manager,” she says. “Since then, we [Tara’s team] have spoken to him in detail. We will be going back to LA after I finish my shooting schedule in Mumbai. We are trying to make the episode happen, either in Mumbai or in LA, if not this season, then the next.”