Shashank Vyas: We are actors, not wrestlers..


Mumbai, Sept. 15 -- After exiting the show Balika Vadhu last year, Shashank Vyas has been on a break. He played the role of Jagya in the serial for nearly five years.

During that period, the actor says he was unable to dedicate enough time to his fitness. Now, however, he is taking extra care of his health. "I have been relaxing, catching up on my sleep, travelling and exercising. I feel, in the long run, you have to be fit to work in any profession. Health is wealth," he says.

Shashank believes that his health also influences his work as television actors often have hectic shooting schedules to follow. "If I have a headache during my shoot, it will affect my work. Actors are expected to shoot for long hours - be it during the monsoon or in the scorching heat," he says.

The actor aims to build his strength and stamina, but doesn't want "six-pack abs". "We are actors, not wrestlers. It is important for an actor to have a fit body and a lean frame. However, everything else is unnecessary. I guess... to each his own. Having said that, I feel having a muscular body restricts you, as you can't play all kinds of roles convincingly," he adds.


Shashank is looking forward to return to the small screen. He reveals that he was fascinated with the idea of joining the Indian Army when he was young. That's why he's glad that he has got a chance to play the role of a military man in an ongoing show. "When I was 15, I realised that you have to be studious to clear the necessary exams [to join the Indian Army]," says Shashank, jokingly.

To suit the part, he has grown a moustache. "After maintaining a stubble, a moustache will be a good change. A lot of people said that this look will not allow me to take up other roles. But I feel it will help me deliver a better performance," says the 29-year-old, who wants to break away from his "chocolate boy" image.