Security lapse angers Kushal..


Mumbai, Dec. 2 -- An incident wherein Gauahar Khan was slapped on the sets of a TV show by a 24-year-old audience member, Akil Malik, has shocked the industry. Malik was reportedly enraged that the actor, a Muslim, wore short skirts often.

Enraged by the incident, Gauahar's boyfriend, actor Kushal Tandon, lashes out about the lack of security at the venue. "Where were the bouncers? Who was in charge of security? If a bigger mishap had occurred, who would be held responsible? The guy could have had a knife or something," he says. Retorting to reports that there were 250 bouncers at the venue, he says, "I don't think so. Must have been four or five of them, and they should have been close to the stage."

Adding that Gauahar was visibly shaken after the incident, he wonders how such an incident can occur in a supposedly safe environment - a studio at Film City, Goregaon. "She has been brave, and she even shot for the remaining portion of the show. It's commendable and very professional of her," says Kushal.

Ask him to comment on Malik's reason of ire - Gauahar being a Muslim woman who wears short skirts - and he says, "At this rate, all women should stop working. I am too shocked and upset by the incident."