Sara Arfeen aims to spread positivity..


New Delhi, March 16 -- Actor Sara Arfeen, who was last seen in TV show Jamai Raja, besides being passionate about acting, also hosts workshops that are aimed at helping women.

On what inspired and motivated her to conduct these workshops, Sara says, "My husband is a life coach and he hosts a lot of these seminars. Initially, I used to do a lot of these but when my acting got affected because of this, I took a break. However, I am looking at starting it in full swing. Also, on Women's Day, Facebook invited me and my husband for a live chat on women empowerment."

Talking about her efforts towards women empowerment, Sara adds, "I feel strongly for women and their rights. I feel that supporting issues related to women makes me feel good and stronger. Hence, it has always been something I wanted to do. (Also) Being an actor, my reach becomes bigger, so I hope that I can make some difference in someone's lives."

Ask her about why she's keen on boosting the morale of women, she replies, "I want women to feel empowered. My agenda is to spread positivity, happiness and a feeling of belongingness and achievement."