Sangita Ghosh: I would love to act in a play..


Mumbai, July 21 -- In her 15-year career, Sangita Ghosh has become a popular name in the television industry. To strike a balance between her personal and professional life, the actor shuttles regularly between Mumbai and Jaipur (her husband lives there).

Sangita, who has acted in hit shows such as Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand, Viraasat and Parvarish Season 2, talks about why she couldn't get into Bollywood, her wish to work in theatre, and more.

Which medium interests you more - theatre or cinema?

I would love to act in a play. I did one seven years ago. It was a fantastic experience. The reaction from the audience is immediate, which is satisfying for an actor. As for films, I shot for one 10 years ago, but it didn't release. I didn't have a great experience. Maybe films aren't for me. I don't blame anyone though. If something has to happen in the future, it will. But I am not on the lookout.

What do you look for in a show?

Earlier, the idea was to bag a good show, as I was trying to establish myself. Now, it's no longer about money. Today, if I am spending time away from my family, then the show has to be worth it. I don't want to do a role that embarrasses me.

Are you talking about a supernatural role?

Not really. I am all for supernatural shows. I think they are fascinating, as we have grown up with folklore and other such stories. But the way a role is projected and executed makes a difference. If it's a thriller, don't turn it into a comedy, which people have done. It then becomes tacky and shabby. These are interesting genres.

How tough is it to travel between Mumbai and Jaipur regularly?

It is difficult. After my show ended, I travelled to Jaipur. I love living there. When I'm not working, I prefer not to be in Mumbai. My husband and I don't talk much about our lives [in the media], as we don't want too much attention on our lives. We aren't the kind of people who upload photos everyday on social media. I guess self-promotion is important today, but I also feel that due to the rise in the use of social media, the personal touch between people is lost. I am not very active on social media.