Is Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 9 as exciting as its promos promised?

By Tulsi, News Network

We’re 2 days into the 9th season of the famous, controversial reality show Bigg Boss, which Salman Khan claimed would be double the trouble!

Now, the promos had created so much excitement, that now is a good time to review this season of the show and its potential.

Well, the first day of the show had Salman Khan opening the show with his uber-cool dance moves on Selfie Le Le Re and Photocopy. That was the only part we enjoyed, honestly. The rest was absolutely boring.

The episode consisted of the entry sequence of the contestants, which made us not only yawn but it was rather annoying!

The show lacked a lot of creativity, and could have been made much, much better!

The highlight of Day 1? Prince Narula gets rejected by everyone as a partner!

The second day gave us a rough idea of what the show would really be having. And that is, some realy, really weird activities.

The contestants were asked to do strange tasks like digging their face in stink bellies, over-eat and all that jazz.

Overall, pretty drab. Salman is going to be the only saving grace of this season, for sure. No wonder he had quoted: “Bigg Boss 9 is mine”.