Ronit Roy to play a gun-wielding Haryanvi local leader


Mumbai, June 2 -- Ronit Roy has made a mark in the film and TV industries with his acting skills. Known for experimenting with the roles he does, the actor will play a negative character in Subhash Kapoor's next directorial venture.

He will play a gun-wielding Haryanvi local leader. To prepare for it, Ronit took formal training to learn how to fire a gun.

"Many scenes in the film required Ronit to shoot a gun. In order to make the scenes look authentic, he trained at a shooting range in Mumbai. He also hired a trainer to get his posture right. He practised for three months and then shot for the scenes," says an insider from the film's unit.

Apparently, because of the training, the actor could deliver the shots with ease. "The sequences, which everyone thought would be tough, went on smoothly as Ronit had learnt to operate a gun well," adds the source.

When contacted, Kapoor said, "Ronit is a dedicated actor, who gets into the nuances of a role. He wants to deliver the best shot every time he faces the camera. His acting as a notorious villain will shock audiences."