Rishina Kandhari goes glam for her next show!


New Delhi, July 19 -- Television actor Rishina Kandhari, who has played the girl-next-door in all her serials, is set to don a glamorous role for the first time.

The actor will be seen playing a fashion designer in her upcoming show and is taking extra interest in getting her costumes, makeup and hairstyle right.

"My character is a fun-loving girl, but at the same time, she is rich, flamboyant and pampered. I really want to get the look of my character right. This will also help me act better," she says.

The actor adds that her role is very different from how she is in real life. "My character wears high waist pants, designer kurtis and trendy costumes all the time. But I only dress up when I have to go out in public," she says. "I do that just because I am an actor and I am expected to look presentable all the time. Otherwise, I prefer wearing denims and simple T-shirts," she adds.