Ridhima Pandit: Underestimated the power of TV when she started


New Delhi, Jan. 22 -- Actor Ridhima Pandit has become a household name for small screen viewers with her current portrayal of a human robot in a comedy TV show. Having been around for over a year now, she says her life has changed in these months.

"This is what I always dreamt of- people appreciating my work and fame and success that followed. Of course, a lot of hard work has gone into it and it still is going on. The struggle continues. It feels lovely and I've even got used to the hectic working hours," shares the actor.

She feels it's quite difficult to balance her personal and professional life and not everyone can handle it. "I'm very new to this hardcore TV style of working. It's time sensitive. People who have a desk job can manage to get a substitute. Even when I had an office job, I used to fall sick and would ask a colleague to fill in. But as an actor, there is no scope of replacement. It gets taxing at times," says Ridhima.

Stating that it's been a rewarding journey so far, she says that she underestimated the power of television when she started.

"I used to think that I'll star in a show and create a storm, which thankfully I did and got noticed too. It's a task to maintain it. One has to be indispensable as an actor but you can't let that get to your head. It's difficult to be humble and keep working hard at the same time. Audience will take their own time to accept a new face on a show, and I'm glad I got accepted by my viewers," says Ridhima.