As Rekha makes her way, The Comedy Nights stage is sizzling

By Tulsi, News Network

Comedy Nights with Kapil is the most popular platform for actors and actresses to promote their films in a unique and ridiculously crazy manner. The stage is a celebrity-magnet where you’ll see the youngest and hottest stars doing their jig with Kapil. But now this show will be taken to an all new level, because now even classic and cult actors of Bollywood!

We are talking about the ever-gorgeous, ever-green Rekha ji. Yes, the beauty, who seems to get hotter with age, will be seen on Comedy Nights with Kapil this weekend to promote her new film Super Nani! Oh she will make one super sexy nani, we say!

Rekha will be appearing on the small screen after a decade. And that’s big news for Kapil. The last time she had come on a TV show was in 2004 on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.

Kapil, hope you can handle the heat!