Rashmi Sharma: Jaat Ki Jugni is larger than life..


Mumbai, April 3 -- TV Producer Rashmi Sharma is back with a new show Jaat Ki Jugni which is set in the heartland of Jaats with all the ingredients of a potboiler.

Here she talks about her show and what makes it a perfect family entertainer:

You are coming up with a show on Sony Entertainment Television which is visphotak. How did you come up with this story? What was the thought behind Jaat Ki Jugni?

When we were thinking about a new story, Pawan [my husband] and I thought that we should now work on a hard core romantic love story. It's called a visphotak story because each time the protagonists meet, something explosive or unnatural happens. That is the unique selling point of our story.

Tell us about your characters, Bittu and Munni.

Set in Haryana, Bittu, our hero, is that kind of a character that believes in love stories and he is of the opinion that when he falls in love, he will definitely make sure that it has a happy ending. Bittu is a raw and rustic character, who seldom thinks before he does something. Munni is a pampered girl, who has three brothers who are overprotective of her. She leads a princess's life and she has had a rosy life. The lead characters are completely different from each other and that is what, I guess attracts them to each other.