Ram Kapoor: Injured, out of action for a while!


New Delhi, May 31 -- Actor Ram Kapoor, who currently features in the show Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, recently met with an accident when he was on his way to the sets of his show. The 41-year-old is an avid biker and was riding his bike, when it skid.

"Ram has been riding his bike to the sets of his show for a few days now. When he was on his way to the sets on Friday, he met with an accident. Ram was hurt and was rushed to the hospital," says a source from the sets of the show.

The actor has been advised some rest for a while. "Although there is nothing serious and Ram just has a few bruises, he has been advised to take it easy for a few days," adds the source.

The sorce adds that the actor will be off work now. "Ram will not be coming to the sets for a while. Although he does not want to miss shooting for too many days, it is not known when he will be back," says the source.