Ram Kapoor: I love to take up challenging roles..


New Delhi, April 8 -- Actor Ram Kapoor says he loves to take up challenging roles, be it in films or TV.

"I love to take on new acting challenges and explore different roles. When you challenge yourself as an actor, you force yourself to connect with the character you are enacting, and it is then that the performance becomes much more natural," he says.

Talking about his growth as an actor, the 41year-old adds, "For me, growing as an actor is related to the versatility of the characters I portray."

In his new show, he plays a man whose terminally ill wife wants him to let her end her life on her own terms. "I had 2 - 3 other projects that I set aside specially for this role. It talks about a subject that hasn't been tackled before on Indian TV or even in Bollywood for that matter. Also, it presents a side of mine that the audience has never seen before, as I feel I've achieved an emotional depth with this character as compared to my previous roles," he says.