Ragini Nandwani: We show what viewers want to see..


New Delhi, Jan. 8 -- Actor Ragini Nandwani, who shot to fame as Lovely Kaushik in the 2011 Hindi soap opera Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein, is enjoying the role of a vampire-princess in her new TV show.

Talking about the show, which is about a group of police officers saving their city from supernatural villains, Ragini says, "Supernatural-themed shows are extremely popular nowadays. Makers of such shows are criticised for nonsense content, but the fact remains that we don't show just anything. People want them, love them and this is why such shows are on the top of TRP charts."

Her Tamil and Malayalam films opposite actors such as Vijay and Mohanlal have been successful. Approaching films based on how good the content is instead of how much the film will earn, Ragini says, "For me, critical acclaim is any day better than commercial success. One needs to be happy doing a role. I've returned to Hindi TV after so long because I like to do only one project at a time. In this way, I can put in all my effort and get creative satisfaction of having given the role my best."

Ragini, who completed her Masters from Delhi University, when asked about her fond memories, she says, "Delhi is an exciting place, and like my second home. I love the markets here. But I was too obedient a student in college to go out and have fun with my friends."