Puneet Vashisht's strategy of winning!


New Delhi, Nov. 6 -- While many might go into reality show Bigg Boss developing a strategy on how to win, Puneet Vashisht is on a different track.

The actor, who recently made a wild card entry into the show, says he came on it to talk about his upcoming project. "I will have investors lined up by the time I come out. It is going to be a world changing film," he says, adding, "I'll also be singing my compositions inside the house."

Vashisht says he is aware of the stardom which will follow him once he leaves the show. "I've never liked this show. I've never watched it. But I respect the power of this platform," he says.

However, he is not happy with what's been happening on the show so far. "What idiots! Kya kar rahe hain! Nothing they do is interesting enough to watch. I feel as if all the idiots have been put into the house this time," he says, adding that he plans on giving contestants Rochelle Rao and Mandana Karimi a Hindi lesson.