Preetika Rao: Typecasting happens to the best of people..


Mumbai, Aug. 14 -- Preetika Rao is currently busy shooting for her new TV show. After her debut show, Beintehaa, the actor has returned to the small screen after a hiatus of two years. 
She talks about how she missed out on doing Hindi films, how television happened to her and the toll working on a daily soap takes on actors.
What's working on the new show like?
Shooting for the show means long hours. I shoot for 12 hours, and I have been working non-stop for the past 18 days. At least here, we are shooting six scenes a day, but for Beintehaa, we used to shoot two to three scenes a day. At times, I went home to sleep for five hours before returning to the set.
Did you know about the working conditions on TV before you joined?
I had heard all kinds of stories, but when you experience it for yourself, it is tough. I did Telugu films before TV, and they too worked for 12 hours, so I was used to it.
So after Telugu films, why did you choose TV and not Hindi films?
I started my career with modelling and later became a journalist. Then, I got Hindi film offers from Pradeep Sarkar, Vashu Bhagnaniji and Kumar Tauraniji, but I was apprehensive to do them. I was offered Aashiqui 2 (2013), but I couldn't make up my mind. I did Telugu films, because I wanted to gauge my interest in acting. Soon, I realised that there isn't much creativity [there] for actresses. I took a break and got six TV show offers. It seemed like a good opportunity, so I took on Beintehaa as an experiment.
Did you get film offers post your
In our industry, if you play a certain role, people can't imagine you in other roles. Typecasting happens to the best of people. I don't regret doing TV, but doing serials gives film-makers the impression that you are not interested [in films] and are cut out for TV only. That is why after a popular TV show, I was considered a TV face. It doesn't matter to me if I do films, TV or digital content as long as the projects that I do are appreciated. I am happy with TV as it has such a huge reach even abroad.
Why the long break after Beintehaa?
I had signed a show with two producers, but they never took off. Later, I had committed to the current show I have been doing since last year and had to wait.