Performing arts are holy, says Ragini Khanna


Mumbai, Jan. 10 -- Whatever I have learnt has been on the job and that has been due to the directors and writers who helped me deliver. I give them more credit for my career," says actor Ragini Khanna, who became a household name with her hit TV show Sasural Genda Phool (SGP).

She was last seen on TV hosting the reality show, Dil Hai Chota Sa Choti Si Aasha in 2014 and has been busy with her movie projects Ghoomketu and Gurgaon.

Ragini feels performing arts are "holy" for her. "Singing, dancing and acting are divine for me. My career choices are based on how will I evolve on the project and what will I learn from the director and writer. Since the beginning of my career, I did TV shows back-to-back. I loved the fast pace and as much as I am enjoying the current phase. I am full of gratitude and so content that in such short period of time been fortunate to work with such talented people."


The actor admits that working in films gave her some "me time" as she was able to sleep, read and explore things than just acting. She says, "In the six years of doing TV shows, I slept for four to five hours every day. Post SGP, I hosted reality shows for a year and I realised that I didn't know which [electrical] switch was for what in my house. I needed time away from TV. I didn't recognise myself without a sari and make-up. I forgot how I looked and lost perspective. Whatever I would think and do would be from Suhana's (her character in SGP) point of view."

Actors on TV are perceived as being overexposed by filmmakers. Ask Ragini if the perception is changing and she says, "TV is about habitual viewing and if an actor, who does TV, has to be successful, you have to be seen daily. It's part of the system. Of late, I feel films are about fitting the part and what you bring to the table as an actor. Many people might cast TV actors for their popularity too."

While many male actors have got breaks in films, very few female actors from TV have debuted in films. Is it tougher for the latter to get a good break in films? Ragini says, "I think, it is tough for everyone. It is also about availability. TV actors are busy working 30 days a month, especially, actresses as they are in every scene. I got film offers during SGP but I couldn't leave my show for a film. For working in films you need to give about 40 days together, which is impossible for a TV actor if they are [playing] the lead in a show. I can understand the demands of both mediums and I think, it's about the choice an actor makes and what is important to them."