Pavan Malhotra: I'd be lying if I say I don't like the attention


New Delhi, Sept. 16 -- Pavan Malhotra is content with the recognition coming his way. The actor, who began his career with the television show Nukkad, in 1986, shot to fame with his role as Tiger Memon in Black Friday. 
"I'd be lying if I say I don't like the attention I get for the work I do. Especially since Black Friday, people recognise me," says the thespian. 
"Youngsters come up to me and say, 'Sir, can I have a photo with you? Yes, they might not know me by my real name. But the fact that they recognise me, is a big compliment for me," says Malhotra. 
However, stardom doesn't come easy, and Malhotra's hard work is a testimony of that fact. "You know, for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013), I was playing a Sikh. Normally, they would make you look like a Sikh by putting a few cloth pieces in your turban. But I wanted it to be more authentic. So I grew my hair for one year and did no films. I couldn't have anything else coming in way of this character," the 59-year old says. 
"Preparing for a role is like making a collage. The attention to detail has to be there, and I don't know about other actors, but I like to be perfect for the role I am playing. Apart from the look, I also focus on the speech, the texture of the dialogues. Even if I have, like, a 15-16 minute role in the film, I want people remember it," he adds.