Parenthood is a shared job: Karan Mehra


Mumbai, July 29 -- On June 14, Karan Mehra and his wife Nisha Rawal became proud parents of their son Kavish and Karan says he couldn't be happier. 
"It feels great to be a dad. It's an indescribable feeling. The experience is unlike what one goes through while shooting a scene for a TV show. Kavish is a relaxed and happy baby, and his name is a combination of Nisha and my name," says the Khatmal E Ishq actor.
The couple plans to take Kavish to meet Nisha's paternal grandmother next month. "Family comes first and we want our Kavish to grow up with the same love that we got while growing up. Being parents of an infant, our schedules are planned around the baby's needs. At the moment, we are both looking after him and cherishing every moment."
The topic of paternity leave is still a debate in our society. Karan feels "fathers should be hands-on" as well. "In the initial weeks, handling an infant alone is a lot of pressure on a mother, who is recovering from the delivery. Parenthood is not a single person's job. Both parents should help and be a support system for each other. When the father is at home, it makes a lot of difference to both the mother and father as not only does he help out but also bonds with the baby. We don't have our parents in the city so it is even tougher."
The couple has a dog and they have had to take care of the pet's "emotional needs" too. "He gets cranky if he doesn't see Nisha for hours or if she is not around him," says Karan.